Thursday, January 30, 2014

The South and our "Snow Days"

I'm actually thankful that us southerners "aren't use to the snow". I think it's Gods way of having us slow down. We don't have to get out in the snow everyday. Put chains on our vehicles to drive in it anyway. For that I'm thankful. Our kids eyes light up like it's Christmas! Heck, my eyes light up like it's Christmas! WE slow down. We BUILD snowmen. We collect laundry baskets to PLAY in the snow. We PRAY. We pray that our family and friends are okay out there. We HELP each other in every way we can. Then we SIT inside, try to keep warm, and DRINK our sweet TEA. With a SMILE. Because that's what "we SOUTHERN folks" do. And for all those up north laughing ... Snow is pretty but ice is not. While y'all are busy laughing, I'm going to be inside loving on my babies who get to have "snow days" off from school! 

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