Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A few of my favorite things

The sweetest lovey for baby 

Anthropologie  $24 

Absolutely love the smell and how wonderful these are on my baby's skin. 

Ology Bamboo Baby Wipes $3.99 

I don't think there's a product I don't LOVE from this company. The baby line is amazing ! 

Shea Moisture Baby Healing Lotion $9.99

These cloth diapers come in fun bright prints and I've had good success with these on my little man! 

Wolbybug Cloth Diaper Cover $10.99

I love having these on hand in case my little one comes down with a cold. 

Hylands Vitamin C Tablets $6.89

 Do you use any of these ? Have a favorite product you'd like to rave about? Comment and share yours with other mommas as well ! Thanks for stopping by ! 



5 Pairs for FREE ! You just pay $12.95 for the shipping ! 

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Tons to choose from ! Adorable for spring and summer with just a onesie !